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Kaiseki (2015) 

Performed by Black Pencil from the cd Kaiseki (fragment):  


Performed by Erik Bosgraaf. Published

by Edition Tre Fontane, Münster.


Written for Sinfonietta Amsterdam.

Live recording of the first performance on

Oktober 25th 2001 in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Conductor Peter Rundel.

Antara benua dan benua/ Tussen twee werelden

Written for and commissioned by ensemble

Gending. Fragment of live performance in

Surakarta on July 8th 2006. Conductor Jurrien Sligter.


On February 5th 2006 the Canadian Quasar

Saxophone Quartet played the first performance of Catch in the Musée d'art contemporain in Montreal/Canada. Live recording Radio Canada.

Music, when soft voices die... 

Commissioned by the Institut International

de Musique-électroacoustique de Bourges. First performance on June 8th 2003 in the Palais Jacques Coeur in Bourges.

On sensations of tone

Nederlands Kamerkoor. Conductor Lucas Vis.


First performance on April 9th 2006 in the

Concertgebouw in Amsterdam by the Zephyr

string quartet.


Commissioned by the Moscow Contemporary

Music Ensemble and dedicated to Yuri Kasparov,

founder of the ensemble. Live recording by

Students Ensemble of St.Johns, Southgate, Australia on November 17th 2003. Conductor Harry Sparnaay.

Inside Out

Written for the ASKO ensemble. Live recording

of the first performance on May 9th 2006 in the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ/Amsterdam

Concerto for trombone and

symphony orchestra (2008)

Commissioned by FST and JON (Youth Orchestra Netherlands). Dedicated to soloist Jörgen van Reijen and conductor Jurjen Hempel. First performance July 31st 2008 in Perugia/Italy.

Strange echoes in trunks and pipes

Organ and electronics commissioned by

'het Orgelpark Amsterdam'.
Recording of the first performance by Chiel Jan van Hofwegen.

A message from K.

A message from K. is a short electronic piece,

composed for and selected by 
Miso Music Portugal’s project Música Viva Festival 2010 – Soundwalk 125 works were sent from more than 30 countries, among which 30 were selected 
(one from the Netherlands) to take part in the third edition of the Sound Walk project. The material used for this piece was taken from former pieces, the voice of K. from 
an interview with the master himself.

Sonneries (pour Annelie)

for violin, violoncello and harpsichord, 2007

Doppelgänger voor accordeon 2016

Performed by Marko Kassl

Elongated Fingers voor clavichord 2017

Performed by Menno van Delft

Prealudium d Moll, oder?

Performed by Jacqueline Lucanet


Performed by Black Pencil


Performed by Ensemble Black Pencil

Lachrimae en La Volta

Performed by Ensemble Black Pencil  

Serenata Polidoro

Performed by Ensemble Black Pencil

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